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Slow Cookers Reviews & Buying Guide

One of the most common kitchen appliance found in most kitchens in the country is a slow cooker. Slow cookers are actually very affordable yet useful equipments that can be used in cooking a variety of food items from meat to vegetables. Because of the wide variety of slow cookers in the market today, this slow cookers buying guide can assist consumers in picking out the characteristics of a good slow cooker.

Slow Cookers for Sale

But for those people who are still skeptical on buying a slow cooker, there are actually a lot of benefits that the consumer can get if they have one of these kitchen items. First, slow cookers do not use up a lot of energy to operate which means people get to save money. Since the energy usage is low, there is little heat generated leading to a much cooler kitchen. Consumers can also save money on the cuts of meat that they purchase since even those cheaper cuts are easily being tenderized by a slow cooker.

Here are the factors to look at when choosing a slow cooker.

1. Size

It is imperative for consumers to consider the size of the family or the people they are cooking for in choosing the right slow cooker for them. The size of the slow cooker can determine how many will be served. A cooker with a 3.5- liter to 4- liter capacity will be enough for a small family of 2 to 4 people. If the family is of bigger size, you can always choose those bigger slow cookers with 6 or 8-quart capacities.

One of the tricks on cooking using a slow cooker is by not filling the whole cooker up to its maximum capacity. Cooking with too little food and liquid inside can also cause scorching. That means determining the size and capacity of the cooker is really important to achieve the desired outcome. Another good option would be to get some good enameled cast iron cookware to help you on your kitchen adventures!

2. Shape

The shape of the slow cooker is also an important factor. For consumers who plan to use the slow cooker mainly for whole chickens and roasts, an oval shaped cooker will be the best option. Circular and deep slow cookers should be suitable for those who usually cook different types of stews and soups. The deep feature prevents the chunks of food from sticking to the bottom of the cooker. A slow cooker with rounded sides is also much easier to clean.

3. Lid

Different types of brands offer various designs but a slow cooker with a glass lid offers great function with this design feature. With a glass lid, the user will be able to see the cooking process regularly. For the people who plan to cook whole chicken or other types of tall food, they can choose a lid with a higher dome to accommodate more space. Glass lids are also more durable than the plastic kinds. Glass lids also offer a good weight to cover the top and it fits perfectly too.

4. Liner or Inner Crock

There are slow cookers wherein the inner liner can be removed. This will make it easier for the people to serve the food right after cooking. Although light crocks like aluminum are easy to move around, heavy crocks can withstand more pressure. But having a liner with a solid handle is imperative as it will be where people will hold whether the food is hot or cold.

5. Timer

A slow cooker that offers convenience to the consumer is the one with a built-in timer. The user can simply set the timer for the total length of cooking and the cooker will do it job. This slow cookers buying guide is just a guide for consumers but the decision will be all up to the user.